[32+] Romance Novels After Divorce | Bill Gates’s Girlfriends Don’t Let Him Sleep At Night

Bill Gates: I know I made a big mistake by divorcing you, but now I want to come back to you.

Melinda Gates: You wanted to divorce me and enjoy the rest of your life with your young girlfriends. You have so many young girlfriends now, then why you want to come back to an older woman like me?

Bill Gates: I didn’t do these by myself. Jeff Bezos got me these young girls. He told me that a lot of money was earned, now is the time to enjoy life.

Melinda Gates: So are you saying that you got this inspiration from Jeff Bezos? Anyway, you have a lot of beautiful girls now, enjoy life with them.

Romance Novels After Divorce

Bill Gates: My girlfriends don’t let me sleep all night. They insist on playing with them all night. In this old age, I can’t take so much oppression.

Melinda Gates: Play all night! What do you play?

Bill Gates: The sport we used to play at night after the wedding. As a result of that sport, we had 2 daughters and 1 son.

Melinda Gates: You gave birth to 3 people by playing with me. How many people did you give birth to by playing with 4/5 girlfriends?

Bill Gates: 0.

Melinda Gates: Why Zero!

Bill Gates: Now I don’t have the strength to play like before, that’s why.

Melinda Gates: I can’t make you happy in bed like before. Then why do you want to make me your bed partner again?

Bill Gates: You don’t have to make me happy in bed. Give me love like before, that’s enough.

Melinda Gates: Ok.

Bill Gates: Then I will come to your house tomorrow with my girlfriends.

Melinda Gates: Why you will bring your girlfriends here!

Bill Gates: Girlfriends will make me happy in bed, and you will make me happy with love.

Melinda Gates: Get out of my house, and I’ll cut your banana if you ever come to my house.

Note: Just fun, don’t take it seriously.

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