Happy Birthday In Korean Language Greeting

Happy Birthday In Korean : Do you wanna wish Happy Birthday to the person who knows the Korean language. We have a huge collection of birthday greeting cards, wishes, images on this website for Korean people which you will not get on any other websites. Let’s check our Korean birthday greeting card collection.

Happy Birthday In Korean

happy birthday in korean
happy birthday in korean


생일 축하 (in Korean) – “saeng-il chugha” (pronunciation) – Happy Birthday (in English)

생일 축하 is the Korean language. It sounds like “saeng-il chugha” which means Happy Birthday in the English language. If you wanna say happy birthday to a Korean people then just send these Korean words. Your Korean friend, girlfriend, or relative will be very happy after watching it because you are wishing him/her in their own language.

How To Say Happy Birthday In Korean

Maybe you know Korean people or maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend is Korean and that’s why you are searching for the Happy Birthday meaning in the Korean language. Whatever, you are on the right website because here you are getting full information about the Korean language birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Song In Korean

You can make your own song because now you know that 생일 축하 (saeng-il chugha) means Happy Birthday. It will be a good option for you to because you know the pronunciation of these Korean words which will help you a lot to make something in your way.

Happy Birthday In Korean Formal

“Saeng-il Chugha” is a Korean word and it means Happy Birthday. Now it’s your wish how you will use these Korean words to wish the Korean people you know. Everyone will be happy if he/she get any greetings in their mother tongue. So it’s your correct decision that you wanna use Korean langue for Korean people.

How To Write Happy Birthday In Korean

생일 축하 is your answer. This is the Korean language of Happy birthday which you wanted to know. So we hope that you got your answer and you will also get some extras here. We added some greeting cards in this post so that you can wish your Korean friends and send them a nice looking birthday card.

Happy Birthday In Korean Language

At this age, you don’t need to know the language because the internet will do your work. You just have to find what you need and what you will do next with that information. As an example here on this post, you got some information about the “saeng-il chugha” words which is in the Korean language.

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