Healthy Pregnancy Meals For Dinner: Pregnancy is a period of life when women need extra nutrients which helps in the proper growth of the baby. Having nutritious food, you would give birth to a strong and healthy child. However, to get proper nutrition, you have to select the right food for your everyday meal.


Healthy Pregnancy Meals For Dinner

You might have known that nights are the perfect time to take the food values which you could miss during your breakfasts or lunches. So, your dinner must contain those meals that would provide your body with complete nutrition. 


To assist you in making a decent diet for dinner,  we have listed some healthy pregnancy meals for dinner below. 

(1) Salmon Fish 

Among all the fishes, Salmon fish is the most decent option for a pregnant woman.  As a sea fish, salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids which help in the brain development of the baby.


Regular consumption of salmon fish increases the eye-sight of the baby. Vitamin D and protein in it help in bone growth and loss of baby’s bones. It also reduces cholesterol which keeps the blood pressure in control. Besides, it boosts up the immunity system of the mother and the baby. 


Delivery before the perfect time can also be prevented by taking adequate salmon fish. So, if you are pregnant, make sure your diet chart contains salmon fish at least 2-3 times per week.  Try different recipes with salmon fish to make your meal nutritious. 


(2) Beans 

Beans are a great source of protein that make up the muscles of the baby. Beans also provide B- vitamin, iron, folate, potassium, and magnesium which are too important at the time of pregnancy. 


Folate produces red blood cells and develops the embryo’s nervous system. Research shows that a pregnant woman can get 25% of her daily needs for folate from one cup of pinto beans. 


During pregnancy,  you may face constipation which is harmful to you and your baby. To avoid this discomfort, you must take sufficient fibre that you will get from the regular consumption of beans. If you search in you-tube or other sources, you will get many healthy recipes for beans that you can use to cook delicious meals for your dinners. 


(3) Lentils

Lentils are a high protein food that works as the basic element in the building of muscles. If you keep lentils in your diet chart during pregnancy,  they will provide a decent amount of protein to the body of your baby.


 Regular taking of lentils will also maintain the growth of the cells of your baby by providing folic acid. Again, sufficient consumption of lentils during pregnancy will keep your blood pressure under control as they provide potassium. Lentils will also protect from anaemia during childbirth as they supply an essential amount of iron.  

So, do not forget to keep lentils in your regular diet chart, especially in your dinners. But you should not take excessive amounts of lentils because over-consumption may cause bloating, gas, or digestive upsets. 

(4) Lean Meat 

Your body will need high-quality protein at the time of pregnancy which plays the role of the building blocks of the muscles and other parts of the body. You can get that protein from lean beef, lean pork and lean chicken.  

Besides protein, lean beef and pork contain iron, choline, and B vitamins which are much important for baby’s healthy growth. So, To maintain the healthy growth of your baby, take lean meat at least once a day.

However, lean meat is essential for you as well. Iron contained in lean meat will build up haemoglobin in your blood. Your risk of being infected by anaemia will just vanish. There are lots of recipes that you can try out with lean meat and prepare a tasty meal for your dinner. 

(5) Baked Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Baked potato is the package in itself having carotene, fibre, potassium, starches, iron, and calcium. Caroline in it ensures healthy fetal development of the baby. The fibres that you get from potatoes will enhance your digestive power and also reduce sugar level in your blood during pregnancy. 

If you want to increase your weight during pregnancy, you can eat baked potatoes to get a healthy weight. You will consume another ingredient from baked potatoes that is flavonoids. That also keeps the blood pressure in control.  You can get your daily needs for potassium from it.

 As you know the food essentials of potatoes, try to keep at least 2-3 servings of these each week. 

(6) Milk

Milk is a great source of the vitamin- D and calcium and phosphorus. Drinking moderate amounts of milk during pregnancy will help your baby to build and grow bones. It also contains protein, amino acids, and fatty acids which ensure the growth of your baby’s nervous system. You baby will grow taller and stronger. 

Calcium and iron that you would get from milk will maintain the supply of oxygen to the baby. As nutritious milk is, you must drink milk regularly. But not every time is suitable for drinking milk. Don’t drink milk just after having a heavy meal. Rather,  drink a glass of milk every day before you go to bed. It will ensure a sound sleep as well. You may add some honey to increase its food value. 

Sufficient Consumption of The Food Listed Above (Per Week)

List of Foods  Sufficient Amount 
Salmon Fish  340 gm (2-3 servings) 
Beans  15 gm (3-5 servings) 
Lentils  15 gm per cup (6-7 servings) 
Lean Meat 2- 3 servings 
Baked Potatoes  3-4 servings 
Milk  1 glass (5-6 servings) 
healthy pregnancy meals for dinner

Bottom Line 

Now, you have a list of some healthy pregnancy meals for dinner. Make your every dinner healthful enough by applying different recipes with the meals given above. As you know that excessive consumption of healthy foods can also be harmful to the health of your baby. 

So, strictly follow the diet chart to maintain your healthy consumption level.  

healthy pregnancy meals for dinner

Writer: Nayeema Akter


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