How Does Lack Of Sleep Affect Pregnancy? How To Sleep Well?

Want to know how does lack of sleep affect pregnancy? Read through our article to know all about it and learn tips to get better sleep as well.

Sleep is one of the most fundamental tasks that a human being has to do. Without sleep, the body can’t function properly. However, during pregnancy, it’s even more critical to have better sleep.

How Does Lack Of Sleep Affect Pregnancy

how does lack of sleep affect pregnancy
how does lack of sleep affect pregnancy

Sleep allows the body to heal, grow, and do all the other essential things at the same time. For a pregnant woman, it helps to maintain the health of herself and her baby as well. Sleeping less can harm their health in many ways.

To help you get clear on that, let’s go over a detailed explanation of how does lack of sleep affect pregnancy.

Complications Caused by Lack of Sleep

There are so many complications a pregnant woman has to face for lack of sleep. Some of them are mildly irritating, and some of them might actually be pretty harmful to her and her baby in the long run. Let’s talk about such a few complications down below.

(1) Hypertension

Hypertension or high pressure is a common thing for most pregnant ladies when they don’t get enough sleep. As you probably should know by now, it’s very important for the pregnant lady to do regular checkups. And if you find that her blood pressure is more than 140/90 mmHg, and it’s repeated throughout the weeks, you can tell that it’s probably hypertension.

Now, it’s a very common thing among most pregnant women. And if they fix their sleeping cycle, it’s more likely to fix hypertension as well. Sleeping calms down the blood flow and makes everything go the way it should be. But if it’s not enough and the BP is too high, you need to consult with a doctor immediately and get medications.

(2) Preeclampsia

The high blood pressure gets added with protein in the urine, which can cause preeclampsia in most cases. It can lead to organ injuries, which can be fatal for both mother and child. That’s obviously a more rare scenario, but still, you can see how dangerous the whole situation can get.

However, people who have more weight than a normal person have a higher risk of preeclampsia, which is very terrifying. That’s why you must maintain a good sleeping habit to keep you and your baby from such fatal occurrences. It’s your responsibility to sleep well during this special period, and it’s certainly going to help you in near future.

(3) Gestational Diabetes

Lack of sleep during pregnancy can cause gestational diabetes, which can be a critical problem as well. It’s going to put on more weight on the body, and you can probably tell by now that it’s going to increase the chances of preeclampsia for an overweight person.

To avoid that severe problem, you must get a good night’s sleep at all costs. That’s going to ensure that your blood flow is as it should be, and help you along the way of maintaining proper weight as well. But if you catch yourself at having gestational diabetes, you must contact a doctor as fast as you can.

How To Sleep Well During Pregnancy

Now that you know some of the biggest complications for pregnant women that are caused by lack of sleep, it’s time to learn how to avoid them. And for that, you’ll need to follow some strategies, which will help you get better sleep.

(1) Modify the Environment

The environment you surround yourself with is going to impact your sleep the most. It’s critical to have a calm and noise-free environment to have a good night of sleep.

Also, it’s proven that the darker the room is the deeper and better the sleep is going to be. So, pull off the curtains, turn off every bit of light source, and make your room as dark as you can. Also, turning the air conditioning a bit below average temperature is also going to help you sleep better. Colder rooms are typically better for sleeping.

(2) Do Lightweight Exercises Regularly

Exercise is very important when you are pregnant, and you should create a habit of doing some exercise daily. It’s not only going to help develop you and your baby’s immune system, it’s even going to help you get better sleep at night as well.

However, you should never lift something heavy or make excessive movements when you do your daily exercise. That has a risk of injuring you and your baby, and you want to avoid that at all costs. So, be extra careful about that when you choose to do some lightweight exercise.

Also, be sure to rest up properly when you are done. Remember, if you ask what to do during pregnancy to have a beautiful baby, sleep is going to be on #1. So, make sure to do everything you can to get better sleep, and it’s going to pay off big times in the future.

(3) Consult with a Doctor

The most critical thing you need to do when you are pregnant is consulting with a doctor regularly. You must tell him the issues you are having, whether it’s sleeping issues or anything else. 

If you have severe sleeping problems, the doctor might prescribe you some sleeping pills and other medications. However, you should never choose medications for you all by yourself. It’s the most dangerous thing for you and your baby, which you definitely want to avoid at all costs.

Just make sure to do regular checkups to see what areas are lacking that you need to fix. And most of the time, that’s going to help you sleep better as well.

Final Thoughts

Now you know a lot about how does lack of sleep affect pregnancy and a few ways to get rid of it as well. However, you should always go for natural ways and stay away from antibiotics as much as you can.

Following some of the relaxation techniques shown above will drastically help your sleep and help you avoid these diseases without much trouble. Yet, if you are having any issues, you must consult with a professional doctor as soon as you can. That’s critical to maintain the health of you and your child.

Writer: Shyran Khan Joy


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