How To Calm Down Anger And Stress? Get Proven Tips From Experts

Searching for tips on how to calm down anger and stress? Go over the article to learn a few effective methods to get better at it.

Mark is the owner of a gas station in San Diego, California. For some days, the pressure of his business has increased two times. He now needs to work 16-18 hour daily. For this reason, he always feels stressed. And this stress is resulting in excessive anger. 

How To Calm Down Anger And Stress?

how to calm down anger and stress
how to calm down anger and stress

Like Mark, we all go through lots of difficulties in our everyday life which creates stress resulting in anger at last. Stress and anger badly impacts the body, relationships and everything else. To lead a healthy life, we should know the way to control stress and anger. 

To learn about this, let’s have a look over the discussion on how to calm down anger and stress. 

6 Effective Tips to Appease Anger and Stress 

We have lots of ways how we can reduce our stress, anxiety and anger. Applying those tips at the right moment and obviously in an appropriate way, we can remove the physical, emotional as well as social disruptions created by stress and anger. 

 Take a sight over the following tips on how to calm down anger and stress. 

(1) Take Three Deep Breaths

When someone gets stressed or angry, he or she starts to take frequent and shallow breaths. As a result, the body can’t completely exhale the toxins and carbon dioxide. Besides, our brain begins to respond toward the instigation of fighting. 

At that point, taking three conscious deep breaths helps to fight against the constipation and emit the toxic materials from our body. So, deep breathing for three times should be our next technique to deal with stress or anxiety given by the annoyance of our surroundings. 

Inhale air as much as you can within a tree second, hold the air inside you for twelve seconds and at last exhale slowly. Follow the same process thrice. 

(2) Have a Walk

Spending some time near nature is much more relieving than anything else. It gives us mental peace and removes our annoyance. 

We can spend time near nature in many ways. Among them, walking is an interesting one which takes us out of the stressful situation in a calm environment. When we face any stress or become angry, we should adopt this technique. 

To walk to nature will divert our mind from the matter, creating annoyance and give us some time to think calmly over the reason behind the stress or anger. Thus will help us to delete instant anger and give prudent feedback. 

(3) Play Any Relaxing Music

Everybody loves to listen to music, especially the favourite ones. In fact, it gives us a feeling of happiness and enjoyment. 

Many of us listen to music on a regular basis to give their mind the best feeling. Music becomes more worthwhile when we are stressed or annoyed by something. Listening to relaxing music or the favourite music of us kicks all the disturbance from our brains and gives us a special feeling. 

Moreover, it reminds us of any of our past memories. So, at the time of stress or anger, we should take a break to play relaxing music,  close our eyes and lie down on the easy chair or bed. 

(4) Backward Counting 

We all are familiar with backward counting by now. It’s a process of counting from any backward number to any forward one. For example, counting from 10 to 1 or 50 to 1. 

We may wonder what the importance of this backward counting is. Yeah, it shows its magic when we go through any stressful moment, or you are angry about something.  

At the time when we feel stressed, we may start counting backwards. When we would do this, our total focus would remain on the counting. This is how we can divert our mind from anger or stress and make a new start. 

(5) Create An Image of Any Peaceful Scene

Almost all people agree that Imagination is a fascinating way to get the feeling of any moment whether it is seen or unseen. 

Imagination can give us the chance to recall any of our past events. It might be a tour or a picnic to any favourite destination or any special moment with our beloved ones. We may even create a scene of any that we have never seen before. 

When we feel stressed or anxious, we can do this in order to take our mind to a calm and peaceful place. To do that,  we need to close our eyes and focus on the visualisation of any enjoyable scenario. Very soon, we will find that our blood pressure and breathing process has become normal. 

(6) Do Meditate 

Mediation is one of the healthiest practices that we all should have in our everyday life. It gives our mind a feeling of calmness and relieves us from all kinds of stress. 

We can do meditation when we go through a high level of mental pressure. 

During stress or anger, we may take a little break for meditation. To meditate, We need to select a noise-free place and sit in a position where your back stays straight. Then we would close our eyes and take deep breaths and focus on the whispering of our breaths. 

If we like, we can use some relaxing songs while meditation. Practising meditation on a regular basis, helps to manage anger prudently. 

Final Thoughts

We have gone through six most effective ways on How to Calm Down Anger and Stress. Efficient usage of these techniques will surely decrease our mental and physical stress and control our overwhelming anger. 

So, all of us should apply these tips in our emotional management from today to enjoy a healthy and happy life forever. As we have discussed the most effective tools, we can search for many other techniques as well.

Writer: Nayeema Akter


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