How to Fix Lack of Communication in a Relationship? Get Effective Ways

How to Fix Lack of Communication in a Relationship: Ayesha is in a love-term with Abraham for almost six months. At the starting, their relationship was very smooth and well-going.  But recently, Ayesha has noticed that they can’t express their feelings, desires, concerns for each other properly.  As a result, a communication gap has been created between them which is growing an unhealthy relationship full of rage and conflict. 

How to Fix Lack of Communication in a Relationship

how to fix lack of communication in a relationship
how to fix lack of communication in a relationship

Like Ayesha,  you may even find your relationship at a high risk of lack of communication. But you may rest assured; because there are some ways how you can fix up your communication gap. 

So, have a straight look over the following discussion on how to fix lack of communication in a relationship to enjoy a happy love life. 

Some Effective Ways to Fix Communication Gap in Relationships 

Actually, communication is the root of every relationship. It’s the best way to know each other, to involve each other in a better way, to make strong bonds and mutual trust. And that is the key sign of a healthy relationship. 

So, as a couple, you should give extra effort to build a strong connection. Now, let’s dive into some proven ways to fix up communication lackings. 

(1) Talk to Each Other Regularly

From the starting of your relationship, try to talk to your partner regularly. At first, you may shy away from talking to your partner. But if you go for it, you will feel more comfortable. 

With the course of regular conversation, both of you will get the chance to know each other thoroughly. Sometimes, you may not have enough time to talk to him or her either face-to-face or over phone calls. What you can do in that situation is “Leave a lovely message for your sweetheart.” It will give him or her special feelings. 

(2) Be Frank to Your Partner 

To share everything is the core of any relationship. If you don’t share your feelings, concerns, and problems with your partner, he or she won’t understand you properly. 

Sometimes, you may go through physical or mental difficulties. For that reason, you may get irritated over simple things and your partner wouldn’t even catch the reason. Your partner may misunderstand you.

 So, what you need to do in that case is “To be frank with your partner.” Let him or her know who you really are and what you feel for him or her. 

(3) Select a Perfect Time to Pursue the Conversation 

Not every time is eligible for doing any serious task or pursuing any serious conversation. There is a perfect time and situation for everything. 

So, when you want to discuss any serious matter with your partner, make sure he or she is in the state of talking to you or not. Don’t select any unfavourable time to pursue your conversation. It may even make the situation even worse. Besides your partner, you need to know your own mental and emotional condition. 

(4) Try to Know Your Partner by Asking Questions 

You are not a mind-reader or an astrologer. You can’t know everything about the people in your surroundings. Can you say what we do to know about someone whom we never met before?

 Yes, you got the right point. We ask questions to know someone profoundly. 

When two different persons decide to start a relationship, they are completely unknown to each other’s likes-dislikes, emotions-desires,  point of views. At that moment, you can’t just guess at everything. You will need to have exact knowledge about your loved one. To learn your partner”s mind, ask him or her different questions. It will add significant value to the connectivity between you and your sweetheart. 

(5) Listen to Your Significant Other Attentively 

Effective communication in relationships is not only presenting your word to your partner perfectly. Besides transferring your word, you have to listen to your partner attentively. 

In your relationship, if you stay obsessed with your likes-dislikes, desires, problems and stay unwilling to hear your partner, he or she may feel hopeless and disrespected. Over time, he or she may go far from you both mentally and emotionally. So, to fix lack of communication, you should make a healthy practice of listening to your partner attentively.  

Don’t interrupt when he or she is telling you something and always try to make eye contact while talking to him or her. 

(6) Follow the Non-verbal Signals

During communication, non-verbal cues are considered more real than those of verbal. Sometimes, your partner may tell you something but his or her non-verbal cues like facial expressions, gesture, posture, tone of voice, and eye contact may express something different.  

So, if you want to reduce the communication gap between you and your partner, follow up your partner’s non-verbal cues as well. You may get any hidden feelings behind his or her smiling face. You should also be careful with your non-verbal signs to find out whether you are being aggressive to your significant other. 

(7) Always Try to Think from His or Her Perspective 

We all have different thoughts and beliefs. When we say something; react over something, our thoughts and beliefs drive us indirectly.  As a result, we see the same thing differently; we give different logics for any situation, decisions etc. 

In a relationship, two persons possess exclusive judgemental criteria. So, as a partner, you should at first accept the individuality of your significant other. Before giving any comment over his or her decision, take some time to replace yourself at his or her place and understand his perspective. If you do that with efficiency, you will feel its positive impact on reducing your communication problems. 

Final Thoughts

You might have already gone through some of the effective ways on how to fix lack of communication in a relationship. Applying these techniques will definitely reduce the problems of your relationship that arise from communication gaps. And you could enjoy a happy and healthy relationship forever. 

Besides communication, there are some respect issues which play an important role in any relationship. To know more about this term, go through our writing on signs of lack of respect in relationships.

Writer: Nayeema Akter


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