How To Heal A Broken Heart From Cheating?

How To Heal A Broken Heart From Cheating: We human beings always tend to believe that our well-being depends on relationships with others. That’s why, we always try to make different types of relationships with many people. Among all relations, one of the most significant and sensitive relations is “Love“. We find lots of relief, happiness, mental peace from being with our partners. Presence of our loved ones gives the feeling of safety, being special.

How To Heal A Broken Heart From Cheating

how to heal a broken heart from cheating
how to heal a broken heart from cheating

But sometimes this feeling can be ruptured, when we see our partners are cheating with us instead of our great care, affection. Our world just ruins all of a sudden. We are thrown into the world of rejection, insecurity, shame, fear, anxiety and so on. We start keeping distance with people, locking ourselves into dark and empty rooms, disrupting our daily work. This process and the pain of a heart-break gradually increase our stress. This stress leads us to the Carvancular risk by increasing blood pressure and heart rate. Sometimes, it can cause death of a broken heart.

Although it’s a dangerous process, we people tend to ignore thinking of its harmful effects and based on our well-meaning friends’ words like “Time will heal every wound” just stay unwilling to take any single step to recover our broken hearts. But it should be fixed by adopting some important initiatives in that situation.

How To Heal A Broken Heart From Cheating

If we are even a little bit willing to mend our heart-break, there is hope irrespective of any circumstance and any grade of feeling. The way is not so easy but it is absolutely possible. Now I am going to reflect some verified steps to mend the broken hearts and empower ourselves again.

(1) Trying to find out the reason

After break up, we usually stop to think rationally. We just keep blaming ourselves or repenting for losing our boyfriends. As much as we look at the situation with the eyes of emotions, we become more stale. In that time, we need to see the circumstances from a different perspective. This will allow us to find out the reason behind the cheating or break up. To know the reason, listening to our partners’ words attentively is a potential way. If he or she can’t give any specific reason, we should make our own reason that is kind to our self-esteem. We may think, “He or she had a commitment issue.” Now, we need to admit that it has happened and we have no relation with those persons anymore.

(2) Unfriend or unfollow on social media

Following exes on social media may enhance the chance of showing us the unwelcome things, which will surely burn our old wounds again and again. So, to make a successful move on, we have to limit all cyber-bridge with them by unfriending or unfollowing. It will give us much relief.

(3) Removal of thinking he or she is “the one”

Most of the time we feel, whom we have broken up with, was the one who could make us happy more than any one can. This thinking bounds us to remorse for his or her leaving. Like seriously? He or she is the one? Absolutely not. To realize that, we will need to look behind honestly from the starting point of our relation with our exes to the ending moment. It would help us to make sure that it was not just rainbows and butterflies and our exes did many faults which we just ignored one time being blind of love. From this work out we may accept that it is another chance to have someone better.

(4) Thoughts and judgements replacement

We all have some thoughts and judgements of our own. Not all of them are true or positive. Some can be harmful for us at a certain stage of our life. So, updating or replacing them on a regular basis, is really worthy. It may happen, some of our thoughts are fueling our old pain repeatedly. We should uncover those negative and inner dialogues, fueling us and upgrade them. It’s the most transformative work we can do and applying that may give us more peace of mind.

(5) To be gentle towards ours and make healthy habits

It is common for many of us to punish ourselves after heartbreaking events. We get used to suppressing our feelings, breaking our previous routines, staying away from enjoying events and so on. To actually get rid of mental pain, we have to behave kindly with our own. We have to make a fruitful lifestyle including having healthy food, taking regular exercise like yoga, meditation etc.

While thinking about past loves, our blood circulation increases. At that time, taking three deep and diaphragmatic breaths will calm us and bring more peace to that stressful moment. It will lower our heart rate and respiration and defuse our fight and flight response.

(6) Connecting with positive people

Only staying at home or sitting alone in rooms is not the way of staying safe from negative people and their comments. We should go out and face the world. Among them, finding out positive and supportive persons or friends and spending quality time with them may make us genuinely delighted. Our supportive friends, being our well-wishers, always try to show us what is right for us or wrong.

(7) To grave our identity

Many of us think the person whom we loved is our support system and without him or her we can’t do anything properly. Now he or she is not with us. So, we are nothing. This is a big false thought. We shouldn’t let our heart-break define us. We have to continue the activities, we loved to do with our partners, now at the time of their absence.

(8) Go again the places where we visited with our partners

This is a misunderstanding that our shared places will burn our old wounds. Rater, making a new association with those places can release us from old ones and make us feel better. We can make a plan with our friends to visit those places. It is an effective path to move on.

(9) Getting back on the dating horse

According to experts, one full-proved way has been found to predict heart-break____ finding a new partner.

It may sound wrong, but going on dates with a new one, boosts our fragile self-esteem and reminds us that there are many fish in the sea. Getting back into the dating game will take our mind off our grief.

At last I will tell one thing, “Everyone is a soul having human experiences. Nothing is random. Everything that happens in our life is custom- designed for our learning and mental growth.


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