[43+] Romantic Love Story First Kiss | My First Night With My Girlfriend In Her Bedroom

Calvin: We are now girlfriend-boyfriend, right Eliana?

Eliana: We kissed in the library for about 20 minutes yesterday, still you are asking this question?

Calvin: Then whatever a boyfriend does with his girlfriend, I can do the same with you.

Eliana: Can you give me an idea about what a boyfriend does with his girlfriend?

Calvin: It is not possible to explain everything by saying words, it has to be shown practically.

Eliana: Then show it practically.

Romantic Love Story First Kiss

Calvin: Then I will come to your bedroom at night?

Eliana: Why come to the bedroom!

Calvin: I have to come to your bedroom to show you the practical. And only you and I have to stay in that bedroom. No one else can stay.

Eliana: Okay, see you at night in the bedroom.

Then at night, Calvin goes to Eliana’s bedroom.

Calvin: I have brought a special oil for you, if I massage it on your body, you will become more beautiful.

Eliana: I can do it myself.

Calvin: But it’s special oil, you can’t do it. I know the rules of this oil massage, you don’t know it.

Eliana: Am I a foolish girl, Calvin?

Calvin: Of course, not!

Eliana: What do you want from me?

Calvin: Can I sleep with you in your bed tonight?

Eliana: You just can sleep, nothing more.

Calvin: Ok, done.

Then Calvin sleeps next to Eliana. After a while, he hugs Eliana and starts kissing her.

Eliana: I only allowed you to sleep with me.

Calvin: But I want to show you practically.

Eliana: What practical?

Calvin: I want to show practically what a boy does with his girlfriend.

Eliana: Haha. Ok, let’s do a biology practical.

Then they both practice biology all night.

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