[46+] Secret Love Romance Books | My Sister’s Friend Is Changing Dress In My Room

Amelia: You said you have important things to say to me.

Lucas: Did you change clothes in my room last Sunday?

Amelia: Yes! But how did you know that I changed my dress in your room! You were not at home.

Secret Love Romance Books

Lucas: I actually set up a camera in my room, and after checking it, I found out that you came to my room that day and changed your clothes.

Amelia: Your sister told me that there is no one in your room so I can safely change my clothes in your room.

Lucas: Every part of your body is very attractive. I watched those videos of yours last night.

Amelia: You seem to be forgetting that I’m your sister’s friend and 4 years older than you.

Lucas: I forgot nothing. But you are so attractive that I can no longer control myself.

Amelia: Clear me about what you mean.

Lucas: Only once.

Amelia: What once?

Lucas: Only want to touch every part of your body once. Please don’t tell me “No”, I’m going crazy.

Amelia: But I have a boyfriend, and what if your sister finds out about it?

Lucas: How will my sister know if you don’t tell her? And your boyfriend is very lucky, he can touch you every day. But I only want permission to touch you once. I only want to see your body once.

Amelia: Do you have a girlfriend?

Lucas: Yes, but she’s not as attractive as you.

Amelia: Then break up with your girlfriend and make me your girlfriend.

Lucas: Will you really be my girlfriend?

Amelia: Yes but a secret girlfriend. No one will know except you and me.

Lucas: So your boyfriend?

Amelia: I will break up with him because he doesn’t like my body and I am not attractive to him.

Lucas: Then?

Amelia: Your sister lives in your house. So you will come to my house every night. I hope you will make my nights enjoyable.

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