When can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal?

When can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal: For foodies, the pain of tooth extraction is not only due to the pain of a sharp needle passing through the thin skin when playing anesthetic, but also the normal diet during the recovery period after tooth extraction.

When can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal?

when can i eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal
when can i eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal

The author unfortunately needs to remove four wisdom teeth at a time due to the keeper of the family, and explored the recipe after tooth extraction together and shared it with you. Before practicing tooth extraction, we must combine the requirements of their doctors. After tooth extraction, please strictly follow the doctor’s instructions, take good care of it, it is most important to continue fighting (eating) and fighting (eating) physically. In this article we describe about when can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal, before wisdom teeth removal & On the day of extraction what you eat.


Before extraction

On the day of extraction

  • Ice cream
  • Pudding
  • Soylent
  • Other

Recovery period

  • Egg custard
  • Porridge
  • Noodles
  • Fish
  • Sweet potato puree salad

Other small things recommended

  • Lip balm
  • Books / Movies / TV Series
  • Cushion
  • Syringe

Before extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction, especially the heroic act of removing four at a time, is defined as “surgery” in the American Dental Surgery Session. The first requirement of the doctor is to ask someone to accompany you to the operation when determining the operation time, because the operation may require general anesthesia. After the operation, it is difficult for you to recover 100% sobriety, a bit like “drunken” In a state where you cannot drive home by yourself. In addition, the doctor will not accept arrangements for Uber / Taxi drivers to take you home.

At the same time, the doctor will give you a few Check Lists, introducing the preparation before the operation and the dietary requirements for recovery after the operation. Foods that cannot be eaten during recovery include fruits with seeds (strawberry, kiwi, dragon fruit), tart fruits (lemon, grapefruit), hard foods (potato chips, nuts), hot foods, and foods with a strong taste (Spicy) Wait. In general, it is the feeling of Baby Food, eating softly. But you can’t use a straw or sucking.

After learning the good doctor’s request, go to CVS or Walgreens to take the doctor prescribed medicine , buy some tampons (Gauze Pads / Cotton Balls), ice packs to help stop bleeding after surgery (for a rainy day, is not necessarily true It will bleed) and reduce swelling (some doctors will provide ice packs).

You can’t eat on the morning of the operation, so it’s best to buy something that you can eat immediately after the operation (see below) for more details. Also, before going out in the morning, put the ice pack on the ice in the refrigerator.

Boom! Boom! Boom! 1000 words are omitted here … The operation to extract four wisdom teeth takes about an hour.

Alright, the teeth are ready, go home. The following officially enters the recipe section.

On the day of extraction

Ice cream

Eating ice cream after tooth extraction can not only supplement calories, but also relieve pain. Be careful not to buy ice cream containing Nuts or Jam. Although the author finds Talenti a hundred delicious.


Pudding can be made at home in advance, or you can go to the supermarket or bakery to buy, recommend Paris Pudding and Whole Foods pudding.

If you make your own, I recommend a recipe reference, go to the kitchen @ gas miss’s black tea pudding (free baking version). Prepare raw materials according to the ratio of milk: light cream: gelatin powder = 150: 100: 5. Heat the milk to make tea, then mix with the rest of the ingredients and filter, add sugar or maple syrup according to taste. Finally, keep it in the refrigerator for a few hours.


This taste is a bit like soy milk and tastes like Soy Milk, but for me, something that is harder to drink than them. If it happens to happen at home, take a chance to drink it. A 400kcal bottle is better than ice cream and pudding in terms of satiety. About Soylent’s introduction, you can poke the Bay Area food squad’s article-“It’s so cold, you don’t need to eat when you drink it | Unveiling Soylent, a Silicon Valley souvenir. “


Recommend Trader Joe’s Apple Sauce, this can also be homemade, but I have not tried it. Yogurt and Smoothie should pay attention to whether there are nuts and seeds in the fruit. In short, to avoid small particles, falling into the hole of the mouth has not healed.

Recovery period

when can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal? If you recover quickly, you can eat the cooked food for dinner that day. When you start to recover, soft food is inevitable, and it is necessary to avoid over-heating of the food. Naturally, all kinds of heavy flavors should be put away first. The staple food is mainly porridge and noodles, the banner of nutrition must be egg custard and fish to carry. For dishes, it is recommended that eggplant and tofu can be dipped in sauce or served cold.

1.Egg custard

The taste of childhood. It can be seasoned with sesame oil and skimmed out when chopped green onions. In order to quickly cool the egg custard, the witty writer thought of using an ice bowl.


The rice is soaked one night in advance, and the porridge cooked the next day will be softer and rotten. Red dates, millet, and sweet potatoes can make white porridge richer.


I think that noodles are the smoothest in noodles. They are versatile in cream or miso, or sweet or salty. The white sauce of creamy is not too troublesome to make: small fired butter, add light cream and starch and stir until the starch melts, the white sauce is just thick.

Noodles are very fresh when cooked in soup. If the “model workers” still work normally after tooth extraction, they need to prepare lunch boxes.


Fish, like noodles, is suitable for making sweet and salty. Steamed fish should be seasoned with steamed fish sauce as long as the fish is fresh enough.

Especially recommend the scallion oil fish. Cook the cod or dragon fish fillets first. In a small bowl, prepare the sugar, soy sauce, and green onions, pour hot oil, and the scallion sauce will be ready. It is very simple and delicious when mixed with fish fillets and vermicelli.

5.Sweet potato puree salad

Because there were no potatoes at home, sweet potatoes were used. As with mashed potatoes, remove hard carrots and cucumbers. Steam the sweet potatoes and let them cool, season with salt, sugar, and mayonnaise. The author also added crab stick crush here.

Other small things recommended

1.Lip balm

Sometimes due to pain or wound healing, drink less water, apply more lip care products can improve dry lips, more comfortable when the toothache.

2.Books / Movies / TV Series

Specific books or dramas are not recommended. If you find it inconvenient to read books, listen to Podcasts or Audible.


When recovering, leaning your body up at a 30-degree angle will be more comfortable than lying down at 180 degrees.


A week after the tooth extraction, the doctor will give a syringe to facilitate flushing the wound. But before, preparing a syringe would be convenient for drinking water to avoid sucking.

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