Which Fruits Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy? An In-depth Guide

Searching for a list on which fruits should be avoided during pregnancy? Follow along the article to know about the 8 fruits you should not consume at any cost.

Pregnancy is the state of life when you want to take maximum care of your health. That’s going to dictate everything about your child. And nothing is more important at that period than nutrition.

Which Fruits Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

which fruits should be avoided during pregnancy
which fruits should be avoided during pregnancy

Fruits are considered to have the most nutrition. But can you eat all the fruits while pregnant? As counter-intuitive as it might sound, but you should not eat all the fruits during pregnancy.

To help you identify which fruits should be avoided during pregnancy, we’ll discuss a few of these fruits down below.

8 Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

As you can tell by now, certain fruits can do harm to you during pregnancy. Knowing about these will help you maintain the health of both you and your baby. So, let’s discuss the 8 fruits that you must avoid at that period.

(1) Pineapples

Pineapple is in the list of one of the juiciest fruits out there. It tastes amazing, and the smell is just ravishing on its own. But if you are pregnant, you should avoid consuming pineapples at any cost.

It contains bromelain, which tends to break down protein and that’s harmful at that stage. It can result in a lot of trouble, even early labor. You can see how harmful it is during pregnancy for yourself now. So, it’s wise to avoid eating pineapples during pregnancy. 

(2) Tamarind

It’s one of the most craving fruits that women love to eat. It contains vitamin C and a lot s of other nutrition as well. But during pregnancy, you are better off not consuming any tamarind at all.

As it contains a good amount of vitamin C, excessive consumption can lead to less production of progesterone. And that can cause a lot of trouble for you as well. It can cause miscarriage or even preterm birth in some cases. If it gets out of hand, it can create cell damage in the fetus, which is really the worst-case scenario.

So, make sure that you avoid eating tamarind during pregnancy.

(3) Papaya

Papaya is undoubtedly one of the most delicious fruits out there. These are full of rich vitamins and minerals that are great for the human body in so many ways. But unfortunately, these are not good and sometimes can even be harmful to a pregnant lady.

It causes a chemical reaction to the body, which can increase the temperature of your body. Also, it is high in latex, and that can cause uterine contractions and bleeding issues, which you want to avoid at any cost. 

So, it’s going to be best for you to avoid consuming papaya at the stage of pregnancy.

(4) Banana

Bananas are considered the #1 healthiest fruit available out there. So, seeing this particular fruit on that list might surprise you. Well, in most cases, you are safe eating bananas.

But in some cases, it can cause a few issues that might cause unwanted frustrations. For instance, if you have allergies or diabetes, it’s more likely to harm you. Thus, you are better off avoiding it in the longer run.

Also, you might know that bananas contain high sugar levels. So, when you are pregnant, you should avoid eating bananas during that special time.

(5) Watermelon

Watermelon is a juicy fruit that makes us feel fresh and nourishes us from the inside. Especially in the summer, who doesn’t like to get a slice of watermelon? But if you are pregnant, you should not have any watermelon. 

During pregnancy, your body needs extra nutrition for you and your baby. But a melon can flush out some of the nutrients from your body, which can lead to a lack of nutrition. You can see how it’s going to have a bad effect on you.

Also, if you have too much melon, it might increase the sugar level in your blood as well. So, make sure to avoid it during pregnancy.

(6) Dates

If you’ve been searching for the best fruit for you, the date is going to be the best fruit in that case. It has so many different nutrients that are just amazing for the human body. 

A pregnant lady can consume dates as well. But it’s advised not to go for more than two a day. That’s because it might cause issues that you want to avoid. Dates increase body heat by a lot. And that’s why during the days of pregnancy, you should avoid eating dates. You can have one or two in a single day, but anything more than that might be harmful to your body.

(7) Frozen Berries

Berries are one of the best fruits for the brain as it has so many antioxidants and other nutrients. The frozen berries are very delicious as well. But if you are pregnant, you should not go for the frozen ones.

If you freeze berries for a long time, they might actually become toxic for you and your baby. So, it’s a far better option to just go for the fresh berries. They are both delicious and safe for your health. Just avoid any frozen thing in general as well.

(8) Canned Fruits

The last thing on the list is all the canned fruits you see in the supermarkets and online. They are very harmful to your body as they contain sulfate and other preservatives.

These can be very toxic for you and your child, and thus, you need to avoid consuming canned fruits at all costs. If you like to have fruit, go for the fresh ones. It’s going to be a thousand times better and healthier as well. 


Now you have a list of which fruits should be avoided during pregnancy. Remember, it’s better to stay away from consuming these fruits while you are pregnant. 

You can break the rule once in a while. But make sure that you don’t make it a habit, and start to put these fruits in your regular diet. It’s going to help maintain the health of you and your child as well.

Writer: Shyran Khan Joy

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