Why Am I Not Attracted to My Husband Anymore? Know The Reasons

Want to know why am I not attracted to my husband anymore? Take a ride along the article to get the most reliable answer. 

Liza and Jack married about five years ago with the presence of their family members. At first, their married life was full of love and fun. But gradually, things get changed, and Lisa now feels like she is not attracted to Jack anymore. 

Losing attraction toward husbands has become a common concern in today’s marriages. There are so many reasons why a wife finds her husband less attractive. These may be either physical, mental or emotional. 

Why Am I Not Attracted to My Husband Anymore?

why am i not attracted to my husband anymore
why am i not attracted to my husband anymore

To get a deeper insight into this,  go through the following part on why am I not attracted to my husband anymore. 

Why My Husband Is Not Much Attractive to Me Anymore

You may want to know the reason why you are not attracted to your husband anymore. Look over that following discussion to get your answer so that you may fix those with your partner. 

(1) He Doesn’t Give You Enough Time 

Every wife wants to spend intimate moments with her husband. But when she found that her husband can’t give the time she needs, a mental distance creates between them, which may later result in losing attraction to him. 

You may face that same situation in your married life. If you are losing attraction to your husband, this might be a significant factor. Recall your husband’s activities to find whether he is like that. If yes, talk to him frankly about that. 

(2) He Is Indifferent to Your Desires 

There is hardly any woman who has no special desires centring his partner and marriage. Some ladies can express their desires to their husbands. Again some others can’t be frank enough to speak up about their desires. But they all want their husband to fulfil the dreams and desires they have. 

You also want your husband to make you happy in the way you dreamt. But your husband might be so indifferent to you that he never tries to know your desires. This type of behaviour may create a distance between both of you and at last drive you to lose attraction towards him. 

(3) Your Husband Is Not The Man You Desired 

You might dream of a person as your husband when you were too young. You might have thought that your husband would be like the most romantic Hollywood hero or any other of your favourite persons. 

But when you find that your husband is not the person you always dreamt of, you just become mentally broken. You can’t fix what to do in that situation. You fluctuate whether to adjust with him or not. At one point, you may lose your attraction towards him. 

(4) He Can’t Turn You on in Bed

Physical satisfaction is the most important desire that a wife asks her husband. When a husband can fulfil all the physical demands of his wife, his wife stays much loyal to him. They come much closer to each other, both physically and mentally. Their love and intimacy reach to the next level. 

But when a wife finds her partner unable to satisfy her in the bed, she just becomes mentally disturbed. She feels like the most unhappy person in the whole world. All of her dreams about romantic nights just ruins abruptly. Over time, she loses all the attractions towards him. If your partner is not good at bed, it can be a reason why you have lost attachment with him. 

(5) Your Perception Has Changed

It sometimes happens that one has married a person being impressed with his or her specific characteristics. But at one point the person feels like he or she has made a mistake in choosing the life partner. It actually happens when the perception which allured to select that man or woman as the life partner changes over time. 

If you selected your husband based on his special quality and now you are not feeling attracted to him anymore, this would be the main reason behind. You have changed the perception that you contained before. Now, you think in a different way. 

(6) He always Fights with You 

Nobody wants to live with a person who always rages over silly matters. The husband who tends to quarrel with his wife now and then loses the love of his wife gradually. His wife stays disturbed with his unexpected behaviours and at last, loses mental attachment.  

Your husband might be like that which could mess up your married life. If you are not attracted to your partner anymore, take a dive in your previous days. Doing that, you may find out whether your husband’s temper has created this mismatch. 

(7) You Married Him for Any Specific Reason

All marriages are not based on love at all. Some tie a knot for financial reasons, again some under family pressure. But all these needs or compliance doesn’t motivate in the long run to keep a marriage going. When those needs or forces don’t exist anymore, married life seems useless. 

If you have married someone just because of financial stability or under your family pressure,  it would be the main reason why you are not attracted to your husband anymore. At that moment, you should think consciously about what you actually want. Then act as your heart directs you. 

(8) Your Partner Doesn’t Care for You

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want care and affection of his partner. In cases of wives, the need grows much larger. A wife expects his husband to take great care of her. But it usually happens that the care or affection decreases over time. This attitude may hurt so deeply that at one point, she could be reluctant to her husband.

If your husband does the same thing to you, it can be a big reason for creating unhappiness in your married life. You may even lose attraction to your husband because of his carefree attitude. 

Final Thoughts

The above portion on why am I not attracted to my husband anymore has given some valid reasons before you.

Now, it’s your turn to figure out which has created a mismatch between you two. Based on your observation, you may facilitate a joint effort to revive the attractiveness and the spark of your married life.

Writer: Nayeema Akter

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